IMG_2311 copy


  1. Do you know what this was from?

    • I believe it was part of a road block for when they do their haunted attraction.

      • Ah, that’s why it looked a bit new…good shot regardless. Finding any new spots? looking forward to heading down this way in August.

      • I’ve been scouting and not having a lot of luck. We did just get back from checking out The Witch House in Exton, PA. Not a lot of exploring, but certainly very cool.

        Pennhurst Asylum is hiring for actors/staff for their haunted attraction and I’m trying to get on board so maybe I can get some access.

        Oh, and that person hosting the photo shoot contacted me a while back telling me someone dropped out, asking me if I was interested. I wish I had the funds to do it. I had to pass this time. Still kicking myself for that!

      • Well we all have to make due with the funds we have. I’m selling off my 1976 MG-B Roadster in order to buy a new (full-frame) digital camera – so I understand.

      • Ah, that must have been a hard choice.

      • Well, I shoot ALL the time – the car was just for good-weather weekends 🙂

      • Oh okay, then that makes a lot of sense 🙂 I should sell some stuff that is just sitting around not getting put to use.

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